From Cattle To Conservation

Upon our arrival in 2010 here in the jungles of northwestern Argentina, the reserve was lacking in biodiversity due to anthropogenic activities. These activities included logging and uncontrolled cattle farming which inhibited the forest to recuperate.

In order to initiate this much needed regeneration the reserve first had to be closed off to cattle. The task of permitter fencing was quite an endeavor due to the size of the land as well as the labor involved. To have to erect fencing over, under, around and through a terrain at the foothills of the Andes, we knew we had our work cut out for us. This type of fencing permits wildlife to pass freely.

Fast forward six years later and to our delight the forest is slowly but surely regrowing! Before, the forest was much more open with little undergrowth and now at times to pass through you need a machete! We have some trails throughout the property that we maintain regularly for easy access to points of interest, like beautiful viewpoints, fresh mountain spring rivers and enormous hardwood trees that were luckily left behind.

With a great deal of young trees coming up, a variety of grasses, ferns, wild orchids, birds and mammals like deer, we can see the forest is on the road to recovery. Through reforestation of native species, responsible use of natural resources and applying a holistic management approach among others, we can accelerate the regeneration of this extraordinary habitat.

Villa Monte Reserve is one of the first private natural reserves in the area to fence the entire perimeter of the land. Therefore, we are monitoring the regeneration as part of a national conservation effort. Come stay with us and take part in the conservation activities first hand. For more information see our website

Warming Up For Winter

Just put the finishing touches on installing the humble little wood stove in the guest house. Low consumption but packs a punch! Little chunks of a dry fallen piquillín tree ensures a slow burn with hot long lasting coals. The ‘bush like’ tree grows a very small berry that has an incredible flavor. Imagine, the sweetness of a cherry with a hint of bitter pine. Exotic, no?

Vegetable Abundance

Winter is approaching in the southern hemisphere, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the garden. Over 30 different varieties of vegetables are growing right now! Fennel, red beets, swiss chard, daikon radish, radicchio, to name a few…