Villa Monte Reserve is a private natural reserve, surrounded by the provincial natural reserve Las Lancitas and in between three larger national parks CalileguaEl Rey and Pizarro.

Villa Monte Reserve is in a transitional zone between two ecosystems and acts as a ‘wildlife corridor’ between the three national parks. As a result, it harbors a unique flora and fauna. This, along with being the source of the water supply for the area makes it an important expanse for conservation.

Before the property was acquired by the current owners it was used for logging and cattle grazing. This resulted in a degraded forest, loss of biodiversity and soil erosion. Through reforestation with native species, closing it off to cattle and hunters, responsible use of natural resources and applying a holistic management approach among others, we are accelerating the natural recuperation of this extraordinary habitat

Villa Monte Reserve is an active natural reserve where we experiment, study, generate small-scale sustainable models and create learning experiences through workshops, internships and volunteer positions in the following fields:

Conservation of biodiversity and native forest
Organic farming and sustainable production
Natural construction and appropriate technologies
Creativity, crafts, and art
Responsible use of natural resources
Natural healing and nutrition

We collaborate with other private nature reserves, provincial natural reserves, national parks, academic institutions and researchers, NGO’s, professionals and the local community.